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Beats On Fire

Independent Record Label & Entertainment Management.







Colin was born and raised in the small town of Midland, Ontario. His father played him music as an infant which sparked his interest in music. He learned to play the piano at age 5 with his grandmother and uncle. Soon after learning to play piano, he was given his first guitar.

     As a child, he and his family moved frequently. However, his roots always stayed planted in music. At age 12, he left the care of his mother and biked the long trek from Kirkfield to his grandparent’s in Midland.

     Growing p his musical influence centered on Blink 182. In grade 9, he formed his first band called Stealing July. They were a pop-punk band lasting two years. Several years later another band was formed, Scapegoat. Unfortunately, due to differences in their lives, the band fell apart after a few years. Three years later the band Hollow Point was created. In two years the band played 50 shows all across Ontario. They recorded a full length album and toured it across Ontario. Hollow Point met its end after a short period of three years.

     In between bands, Colin and two others formed a concert hosting and promotion company called HH Records. The company worked with bands such as Ill Scarlett, Shotgun Rules, Bloodshot Eye, Threat Signal, Saint Alvia, and Sawmill Valley. HH Records ran for a total of three years before Colin asked to be bought out.

     Today, he now creates music not only for himself, but for other artists as well. He extends his reach to many genres including rap, rock, metal, and electronic. He has steered away from the band scene and is now a solo musician – CPLUS2.

     He has always had an interest in electronic music. It didn’t take him long to realize the avenue he wanted to be on and begin making his own music. He is now creating different forms of electronic music from traditional techno to big house.







Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Ryan and his family moved frequently. His parents separated while he was young; which led to him moving out of province with his mother and brother. He eventually found his way back to Ontario. He moved with his father in Pefferlaw.

      Living in Pefferlaw presented some challenges he struggled with. He tried not to give in to the perceptions of teenagers in this town but they got the better of him. Not only was he struggling with the lifestyle choices, he was also struggling with mental illness.

     Ryan went through several periods seeking help and trying to be diagnosed. It wasn’t until later in his adulthood that he finally got his diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

     Growing up, his musical influences were Elvis, CCR, Johnny Cash, Steven Tyler, Guns N’ Roses, and Jack Johnson to name a few. He would always find himself singing and dancing to these artists, even at a young age. He never turned away from these influences, however he found himself interested in Hip Hop and R N’ B later in life. These genres influenced him into free style rapping; which he continued to do until recently.

     In 2009 he became a father to a son, and two years later, a daughter. He still struggled with his habits and his illness until his last run in with the law. This encounter pushed him to quit everything and begin seeking help for himself. Just like his music career, he taught himself how to change.

     Ryan’s focus shifted from rapping to playing harmonica in his late twenties. He taught himself how to play by reading books he got from the public library. A few years later, he taught himself how to play guitar by watching videos and pictures of chords.

     His major influence to get into this new style of music was a family friend, Gabby Bottineau. Young Ryan would sit and watch him play his guitar and harmonica at family gatherings. He was intrigued by this man’s ability to play both instruments; which sparked his curiosity and want to try it for himself.

     Today, Ryan is expanding his horizons by being influenced by such artists like Alex Clare. He enjoys playing and creating his own music, but also finds enjoyment by meshing two genres of music together. He writes his own lyrics and own music and finds inspiration from family, friends, places, memories, and at times, just his emotions.